Tim Fowler LLC.
"Working with you to keep your competitive horse sound"

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Services Available
  • Hot Shoeing
  • Cold Shoeing
  • Trims
  • Custom Shoe Modifications
  • Drill & Tap
  • Hoof Resection & Repairs
  • Diseases and Infections
  • Quarter Crack Repairs
  • Therapeutic
  • Glue-ons
  • Consultations
    • Shoeing
    • X-rays
    • Movement
    • Lameness
    • Farrier, Vet or Both-Yes this is possible!
  • Clinician for various venues
  • Traveling-Domestically and Internationally
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Huge network of Farriers and Veterinarians to pull knowledge and experience from to solve the toughest cases

This is a very basic list of what is available Everyday new products and techniques are being discovered.

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